Monday, October 27, 2014

Quick & Easy Pumpkin Decorating!

Hi everyone! I picked up some small pumpkins this weekend and decided to share some easy ways to decorate them with you. 

5 Minute Pumpkin Stack!

This one I honestly did in about 5 minutes, here's what you'll need:

- 3 Pumpkins (a large one, a slightly smaller one, and a small one) 
For the large one, I tried to pick a pumpkin with a flatter top. I used 2 orange and a white for nice contrast but you can do all one color too. 
- Hot Glue Gun 

Put glue on the top of the large pumpkin & on the bottom of the middle one and stick them together. It's important that you work fast or the glue will dry. Then repeat the step, put glue on the top of the medium pumpkin and on the bottom of the small one. That's all there is to it! 

Tiffany's Blue Polka Dot Pumpkin!
This one takes a little more time, but it's really cute. What you'll need:

- A small white pumpkin
- Hole reinforcements (these make the perfect size polka dots for the size of the small pumpkins)
- Americana "Bahama Blue" paint 
- Paint brush 

First just stick the hole reinforcements wherever you want your polka dots to be.

Now just paint your pumpkin. Be careful not to get paint inside the hole reinforcements, but if you do just wipe it off right away. No harm done. I used two coats of the paint just so it would be a solid blue.

Once it's dry you can peel off the hole reinforcements. You may have to use a small brush after you peel them off to touch up any paint the stickers take off. 

 Half-Glittered Pink Pumpkin! 
I have been seeing ones like these in stores a lot lately and decided to make my own and in honor of breast cancer month I made it pink. Here's what you'll need to make it:

- A small white pumpkin
- Martha Stewart glittering glue
- Martha Stewart glitter in the color "Kunzite" 
- Tape (I used washi tape just so you can see it, but you can use any tape.)
- Paint brush 

Tape your pumpkin around the half way point, so that you have a straight line of glitter later. Make sure to press it down in all the lines so that the glue doesn't get in there.

Now paint on the glue and sprinkle on the glitter. You can do the whole pumpkin or half at a time like I did. Then when it's dry peel off the tape & you have a beautiful pumpkin. Other color combos I think would look good on a white pumpkin are: black glitter, green glitter, or even purple glitter to give it more of a classic Halloween look. 

Comment below which one is your favorite!
Have a great Halloween!

- Serena & Navi